• Region: Great Southern, WA
  • Planted: 2010, 2011, 2017
  • Size: 240 hectares
  • Seedlings Count: 367,000 (hand-planted)
  • Partner: Threshold Environmental
  • Species: Acacia, Allocasuarina, Atriplex, Banksia, Callistemon, Callitris,  Calothamnus, Casuarina, Enchylaena, Eucalyptus, Hakea, Maireana, Melaleuca


We purchased the 404 hectare Badgebup site in 2010 as part of our 'Trees for Tomorrow' program. The site is situated in a low drainage zone, often subject to flooding and high salinity. There is also a salt affected creek running through the centre of the property, which is a recognised salinity hazard. The site was previously cleared for agricultural purposes, and over time the area became barren and vegetation struggled to survive.


In 2010, we planted 160 hectares of native, salt tolerant species at the Badgebup site. Due to lack of rainfall and extreme soil types, seedling survival from the initial planting was poor, and much of the site was replanted in 2011. Thanks to favourable weather conditions and more salt tolerant species, the replant was a success and in 2017 we planted an additional 80 hectares. Not only will this site assist drainage and mitigate further damage to the salt affected landscape, but it will increase biodiversity and restore valued habitat. It is estimated the site will store ~62,000 tCO2e by year 50.